Chevrolet Truck/SUV Tuning

There are no more iconic trucks in the world than Chevrolets, from the c-10’s of the 50’s and 60’s to the stepside Silverado's of the 90’s. Any truck donning the gold bowtie on the hood deserves the best care and attention it’s owner can give it. From under the hood all the way back to the rear differential, Smokey’s Dyno and Performance can give your truck the power and efficiency it deserves.

From the beginning of the C/K series in 65 up until the newest Silverado’s, no matter the application nor powertrain, the Chevrolet truck was always at the forefront of building America. With Chevrolet’s abundant available options, it has been the go to for a fully customizable truck experience. But why should all the fun stop when you drive your new truck off the lot? By fine tuning your trucks power plant, you will see huge improvements throughout the whole spectrum of efficiency and power.

With Our state of the art Superflow AutoDyn – 880E AWD Dynamometer, our professional technicians can allow your truck to be as efficient on the way to the job site as it is on the jobsite. If being gas conscious is the least of your worries and you need the extra torque from your diesel or gas engine to tow with greater ease or to get you through the mud pits, then bring your truck to Smokey’s Dyno and Performance to unlock its true potential.

1999-Present Diesel Truck: $379 (No Dyno - SCT CAN Tune)

1999-2005 Chevrolet Truck: $500 (Custom Operating System add $100)

2006-Present Chevrolet Truck: $550 (Custom Operating System add $100)

2006-2009 Trailblazer SS: $600 (2 Bar Speed Density Upgrade add $100)