BMW Z Tuning

Your BMW Z4 is sweet. You know it. We know it. Everyone knows it! This smooth convertible is as distinguishable as any car on the road. The biggest downside of the Z4 is that you can only share your joy with one other passenger. Noted for superior handling and ample power this is a hot roadster. The professional team here at Smokey’s has the ability to tap into the power hiding in your BMW’s engine and computer system. Exclusively, using our in-house Superflow AWD Dynamometer, we offer the widest range of custom tunes on the market today.

Through our custom tuning process, our experienced team can deliver marked gains in acceleration, horsepower, and fuel efficiency. On top of that, an improved roar and crisp handling are some other benefits that can be attained through custom tuning at Smokey’s Dyno & Performance. Not every car is created equal and we understand that. That’s why each and every tune is individualized to match your car’s performance modifications. Our exclusive tuning software enables us to completely customize a reliable tune for proven and sustainable gains for your vehicle. You bought your Z4 to show it off. Make sure it is performing to the best of its abilities. Bring your BMW to Smokey’s Dyno & Performance for a custom tune today.

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1996-Present All Z Models Not Listed: $545 (Call To Verify Price And Availability)

2007-2009 Z4 35i: $795

2010-Present Z4 35i: $1,195    [2010+ BMW Z4 35i BMC Air Filter - FB494/20]

BMW Z4M: $645    [BMW Z4M BMC Air Filter - FB351/01]