BMW X Tuning

Whether you need something bigger for family reasons or personal preference, when you choose a BMW X Series SUV, you don’t have to make sacrifices in performance. Noted for superior handling and ample power, the X1, X3, X5, and X6 models deliver performance both on the road and off. When it comes to SUV’s, BMW understands that you need superior performance to go along with more room and enhanced safety features. The team here at Smokey’s Dyno & Performance understands your needs. Your need for speed!

Offering the widest selection of custom tunes on the market today, Smokey’s is the only tuning shop in the country that can turn your X Series into an aggressive all wheel drive machine. Using the Superflow AutoDyn – 880E AWD Dynamometer, our elite technicians can deliver substantial gains in torque, horsepower, acceleration, and gas mileage. No other tuning shop can offer such a wide range of custom tunes – especially those offering flash tuning. If you’re seeking something other than the norm, turn to Smokey’s Dyno & Performance, located in Akron, Ohio for all your performance automobile needs. Our experienced team looks forward to making the most of your BMW X Series! Call today and to schedule an appointment.

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1999-Present All X Models Not Listed: $545 (Call To Verify Price And Availability)

X1 2.8T: $995

X5 3.5i: $795

X6 3.5i: $795

X5 50i V8: $1,245

X6 50i V8: $1,245

X5M: $1,495

X6M: $1,495