BMW 7-Series Tuning

What do you get when you combine sportiness and opulence? The BMW 7 Series, of course. This one-of-a-kind luxury automobile comes with all the bells and whistles. Lacking in no areas, the 7 Series is powerful, stylish, and comfortable. Chances are, you didn’t purchase this car to delicately drive around town. Your 7 Series has more potential than you may realize. Show off the real power of your BMW after getting a world-class custom tune from Smokey’s Dyno & Performance located in Akron, Ohio.

We are the premier tuning shop in the country, taking advantage of our Superflow AutoDyn – 880E AWD Dynamometer. By using the most advanced technology on the market, Smokey’s can deliver performance results you’ve only thought about in your dreams. After a custom tune performed by our skilled technicians, you will see immediate boosts in horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. Forget flash tuning and false claims from unqualified tuning companies and get on the same level as the professionals. At Smokey’s, we offer more custom tunes than anyone else in the country – one of the many reasons auto enthusiasts across the world choose Smokey’s again and again. Visit us on YouTube and Facebook and join the club of elite drivers who trust Smokey’s Dyno & Performance for all their tuning, parts, and accessory needs.

1996-Present All 7-Series Not Listed: $545 (Call To Verify)

2003-2005 745i: $645    [2002-2005 BMW 745 BMC Air Filter - FB305/01]

2006-2010 750i: $645    [2006-2008 BMW 750 BMC Air Filters - FB305/01]

2002-2008 760i: $645    [2006-2008 BMW 760 BMC Air Filters - FB305/01]

2010-Present 740i: $995    [2009-2015 BMW 740 BMC Air Filters - FB651/20]    [2015+ BMW 740 BMC Air Filter - FB929/20]

2010-Present 750i: $1,395    [2015+ BMW 750 BMC Air Filter - FB930/01]

2011-Present 760i: $1,495    [2015+ BMW 760 BMC Air Filter - FB930/01]

2008-2009 ALPINA B7: $845

2010-Present  ALPINA  B7: $1,495