BMW 6-Series Tuning

Your BMW 6 Series is as unique as you are. This beautiful, upscale luxury coupe has been packed with features since it’s inception. Whether you were drawn to the 6 series by the impeccable handling, sleek body, or powerful engine, you made a great choice with this BMW. However, have you ever wondered what the real power of your 6 series could be? Unfortunately, when cars come off the lot, they are not tuned to perform at their highest level. Your 6 Series is capable of being faster and more efficient. Here at Smokey’s, our professional technicians will help you unleash the real power of your BMW.

Utilizing the Superflow Dynamometer and our software, we offer the widest selection of custom tunes available on the market today. After your automobile has been tuned the right way, you will see gains in horsepower, torque, acceleration, handling, and gas mileage. Store bought flash tuning cannot deliver the sustained results that Smokey’s has been delivering, with over 30 years of combined experience; we are dedicated to your tune and refuse to deliver anything short of perfection. There is no other tuning shop in the country that can offer our combined use of technology and experience. What are you waiting for? Don’t trust your BMW 6 Series with just anyone. Trust the best. Nobody does it better than Smokey’s Dyno & Performance.

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2003-2005 645i: $645    [2003-2005 BMW 645 BMC Air Filter - FB421/01]

2006-2010 650i: $645    [2006-2010 BMW 650 BMC Air Filter - FB421/01]

2010-Present 640i: $1,395    [2011+ BMW 640 BMC Air Filter  - FB651/20]

2010-Present 650i: $1,395

2005-2010 M6: $795    [2005-2010 BMW M6 BMC Air Filter - FB447/01]

2013-Present M6 Stage 1: $1,395    [2012+ BMW M6 BMC Air Filter - FB647/20]