Bentley Continental GT Tuning

If you are reading this and are the proud owner of a Bentley Continental GT, we already know you have superior taste. Literally the perfect blend of style and performance, the Continental GT has made its mark on the automotive world. While competing automakers have borrowed inspiration from the Continental GT, Bentley has done a great job of staying true to their roots while infusing the latest technology and design points. Whether you were drawn to the lavish interior, stellar horsepower and acceleration, or even the impressive convertible lid, you certainly made a great decision when you chose the Continental GT.

Can you imagine your Bentley performing even better? While hard to believe, enhanced performance can become a reality after visiting Smokey’s Dyno and Performance in Akron, Ohio. We are the only shop in the country that can offer such a wide range of custom tunes – and we have the perfect tune for your Continental GT. Utilizing our Superflow AutoDyn – 880E AWD Dynamometer, the professionals at Smokey’s Dyno & Performance can bring out the power that your Bentley is leaving on the table with the factory settings. Don’t trust just anyone with your Bentley – trust the best. We look forward to working with you at Smokey’s Dyno & Performance.

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2004-2006 GT: $1,995

2007-2010 GT / Speed: $2,495

2011-2012 GT / Speed: $2,995

2012-Present GT / Speed: $3,495

2012-Present GT V8: $2,995

Supersports: $2,995