Bentley Arnage Tuning

The Bentley Arnage. Imagine our surprise when you stepped out of the car instead of James Bond. All jokes aside, the Arnage screams of classic British engineering. While the Arnage may no longer be in production, it is still considered to be one of Bentley’s “super luxury” automobiles. While the styling remains true to classic models, the Arnage is full of modern advancements in the interior. In addition, this Bentley is no slouch in the performance department. It’s fast – with an incredible amount of horsepower built in. The only problem lies in the fact that there is actually more power inside your Bentley.

The team at Smokey’s Dyno & Performance has the experience and technology to push your Arnage to the limits. Using the Superflow AutoDyn – 880E AWD Dynamometer, you can realize the true acceleration, horsepower, and fuel efficiency of your sweet automobile. We are the most advanced tuning shop in the country and auto enthusiasts from across the globe trust Smokey’s Dyno & Performance with the entirety of their exotic automobile needs. If you are serious about your Bentley’s performance look no further than Smokey’s Dyno & Performance. By the time you leave our shop you’ll be thinking you actually are Bond. James Bond.

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2006-2009 Arnage: $2,495