Aston Martin Rapide Tuning

Only a true lover of powerful and stunning machines finds their way to the Aston Martin Rapide. Don’t let the four doors on the Rapide fool you, Aston Martin built this car for pure luxurious performance. Is it the 6.0 L V12 engine that gets you excited about this car; or is it the fact that it has a top speed of over 180 miles per hour? Either way you look at the car, you can't find a bad angle of the beautiful Rapide. Go ahead and let the design consume you, and while you’re at it hold on tight with the pedal to the metal. The swooping aerodynamic design of the Rapide along with the merger of its standard 20 inch wheels and low profile tires makes for a combination hard to ignore. Even the rear tail lights alone are enough to make even the least of car aficionados turn their necks.

If you are looking to find that extra power hidden by factory settings, bring your car down to Smokey's Dyno & Performance. The technicians here specialize in Aston Martin Rapide tuning along with general Aston Martin tuning; along with the knowledge and expertise of other exotic and domestic models. We will always do our best to pull out every ounce of torque and horsepower that we can.

But Smokey’s Dyno and Performance is not only about power and performance, we will also get the absolute best fuel economy out of whatever vehicle you arrive with. The possibilities are endless with our expert and knowledgeable staff that have been specifically trained with the Superflow AutoDyn 880E AWD Dynamometer.

2010-Present Rapide: $2,795    [Aston Martin Rapide BMC Air Filter - FB590/08]