About Us

Smokey’s Dyno is located at 3435 Fortuna Dr, Akron Ohio 44312.

We specialize in tuning GM, Ford, BMW, Mitsubishi, and Subaru as well as other Foreign and Domestic vehicles. Our custom dyno tuning along with our in house performance parts installation makes us an elite facility

To make our shop a more dynamic facility, we have hired tuners with a long background in tuning. We have a combined tuning experience of 30+ years. Each of our tuners specialize in specific vehicle manufactures. This is why you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality tune in regards to horsepower and vehicle longevity.

We use the state of the art Superflow AutoDyn – 30 AWD Dynamometer to test and tune vehicles.

In this blog we will share with you some of our tuning knowledge as well as actual horsepower gains we have achieved using different products and part combinations to get the most power.


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